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Abortion is murder disguised by clumsily developed arguments that are easily debunked with irrefutable logic and truth. Pro-Choice advocates put forth several arguments that when summed up, fit into four basic categories that are used to assert that an unborn baby is not a human being. The four categories are size, level of development, environment, and dependency.

Let us start with size. Pro-Choice supporters claim that because the baby is so small, it should not be considered human. In the first stage of pregnancy, the zygote-embryo is smaller than the diameter of a hair follicle, yet contains the 46 chromosomes needed to become a full-grown person. Since when did the size of a person make them more, or less human? Is Danny Devito less human than Shaquil O'Neal? Are men, because they are typically bigger, more human than women are? Most women would argue to the contrary, due to the often-animalistic behavior of men.

You can see how preposterous this argument is.

The level of development of a baby is another point of contention among pro-life and Pro-Choice supporters. Because unborn babies are less developed than born ones, Pro-Choice defenders claim that they are not yet human. A young girl's body is not developed enough to conceive a child. Does this mean that a five year old girl is less human that a twenty-five year old woman? Likewise, a nine-year-old boy is not developed enough to produce facial hair. Less human? I do not think so.

Environment is the third category of contention between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice advocates. The environment of the womb is unlike any other place on this earth, but so is my son's bedroom. Are you less of a person under water than on top of a mountain?

Are you more like a car when you are...