Adaptive marketing

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Adaptive Marketing process in which the marketer continually revises the product offering to satisfy individual customer demands. Advertiser A person or organization, that initiates the advertising process. In-house agency An agency with an advertiser organization that performs all the tasks an outside agency would provide for the advertiser. Integrated marketing communication (IMC) The practice of unifying all the marketing communication efforts so they send a consistent, persuasive message to target. Mass customization A product development process that relies on flexible manufacturing to customize products for select markets or individuals. Media The channels of communication that carry the ad message to target audiences. Target market The market segments that the marketer wants to sell a product too. Unique selling proposition (USP) A benefit statement about a feature that is both unique to the product and important to the user. Vendors A group of service organizations that assist advisors, ad agencies, and the media, also known as freelancers.

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