Advantages of e-commerce

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The advantages of utilizing the World Wide Web

Officially, electronic commerce is "Electronic Commerce is the paperless exchange of goods or services through the use of electronic data". Today, the more typical definition of e-commerce is "To sell goods or services on the web" (Web Transitions, Inc, 2004). Some of the benefits of using the World Wide Web are:

* No time or distance barrier- customers can log onto the internet at anytime, day or night. They are able to purchase the product with a click of the mouse.

* Cheapest means of doing business- there is no need for travel, face-to-face sales and the amount of money to invest is minimal.

* Virtually eliminates processing errors- the customer is able to double check their orders, plus there is less documentation to be filled out, therefore less errors will be made.

* Faster and more convenient for the visitor- the direct cost-for-sale over the internet is lower and there is no retail store or paper-based transaction.

This makes it more convenient for the customer to do their business via the internet.

* Helps reduce the delivery time- through the internet transactions are instantaneous. Errors can be quickly found and eliminated. It eliminates the document preparation phase and the product can be shipped faster.

* Reducing strain on other resources- by using e-commerce we will be able to utilize our resources in other departments. It saves time that was used to complete the business process which will allow our sales staff to begin an outreach program with other countries (, 2004).

From the buyer's perspective also ecommerce offers a lot of tangible advantages, some of these are:

- Reduction in buyer's sorting out time- the visitor is able to search the website in order to find the exact product they...