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Print ads give the advertiser the opportunity to inform, to persuade and to educate in a much more complex but virtually less exciting way than does the television ad. All ads must use certain techniques to gain attention, create a desire and tell how the desire may be satisfied. The Microsoft computer ad which is aimed at businessmen and women uses techniques such as symbolism, persuasion and the techniques to gain attention.

Symbolism is one of the techniques which create interest in an advertisement. In the advertisement of the Microsoft computer the image of the father\son symbolizes that these computers bring families together. This is clearly evident in the quote " sure I am still working, but I am also around a lot more". The significance of this quote is that it makes the target audience feel that if they buy this computer they might have a chance of getting together and have some hilarious moments as a family.

Furthermore symbolism is used to show a change in society. For example these days males often stay at home, take care of their kids, whiles women do professional and highly skilled jobs. For example the suit that the women are wearing shows a change in society. Therefore a Microsoft ad does not only grab female's attention, it also grabs male's attention, and therefore it makes the advertiser benefit more.

Most adverts rely on the techniques of persuasion in order to position and persuade its target audience. The information used in the advert itself is a persuasive technique and depending on the target audience, focuses on a product selling point. "Microsoft advertisement" aims towards businessmen and women. We know this because, from the information provided, advertisement signifies on how Microsoft computer can make life easier for you. This is clearly...