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What was Al Jolson mostly known as?

He was known as The World's Greatest Entertainer, a superstar before the word was coined, and whose musical heritage created much of the entertainment industry we know today.

What were the talents of Al Jolson?

Al Jolson aka Al Wonder owns and operates a London nightclub. Also, Al Jolson is an amazing jazz singer.

How was Al Jolson recognized after his death?

Broadway turned off the lights for 10 mins after in his honor, but there is no statue for his talent.

What are some key elements of his performance that he gradually developed?

Some key elements of his performance were black face makeup; exuberant gestures; operatic-style singing; whistling and directly addressing his audience.

How did he become internationally famous for his extraordinary stages presence and personal rapport with audiences?

He parlayed a supporting appearance in the Broadway musical La Belle Paree into a starring role.

Then he soon began recording and became famous internationally.

What is he best known for today?

He is best known today for his appearance in one of the first talkies, the first feature film with sound to enjoy wide commericial success.

What was he known as by his friends What was he the first entertainer to do?

He was known as Jolie by his friends. He was the first entertainer to sell one million records.