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Have you ever met someone who has in someway left a good impression on you? You don't even know the person sometimes and you want to be just like them, every aspect not physically but mostly mentally. Well if you haven't then get ready to meet someone who will change your life significantly and you may not know this but the world clean how it is now and days is all thanks to her. ____________ doesn't really have a job, she does everything and at any time she wants. _________ loves to help children with influenza's, colds, diseases, and viruses she overall loves to help people. She is a part time pediatrician and heiress to all computers and the internet.

When she was a teen she was looking hard for a job, posting her resume on and not seeing that she was headed anywhere she began writing books. One day on her e-mail she gets a letter from Bill Gates saying that she could come over and write a book on the Inside of a computer-Bill Gates. "Filled with joy she wrote him back saying-Sure I'll be there around 3:30 and then we'll talk." She wrote a book on the "Anatomy of a Computer-Bill Gates" and it didn't go so well. When Bill Gates died around 2018 he left a will in which ________ was invited, ________ was the heiress to the computers after his butler Melinda died.

________ started using the money for good such as thinking of causes and then fixing them before the effect happens. She thought about it and before getting any further she started working on new ideas to prevent pollution. For factories she put them into a dome environment where there is air but there is no way that...