How the Allies were able to win WW1

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World War one took place in Europe between 1914 and 1918, it involved battles between the allied forces which consisted of England, France, Italy, Serbia Montenegro, Russia and The United States. The allies fought the Triple Alliance which consisted of Germany, Austria Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire. The allies won the war when a revolution engulfed Austria Hungary and the Ottoman Empire surrendered. On November 11th on the 11th hour fighting stopped when Germany signed an armistice. The allies were able to win the war for many reasons. The three main reasons for the allied victory were the strong navy that Brittan had which held the Germans off of the water. Two other reasons for the victory were The American women who helped out on the home front as well as on the battle field with nursing and taking care of the troops, lastly the allied soldiers were better equipped as well as better fed and clothed which was a key factor in the victory.

In the early 1900's there was a naval race between great Brittan and the Germans. Both countries were racing to build warships that would keep their countries safe on the water because there was a constant threat of naval attack. The naval race caused heavy tension between Great Brittan and Germany. Although the Germans had the clear advantage by having the U-boats functioning underwater first, Great Brittan proved to be the victor of the naval race by mass producing ships to overwhelm the small fleet of U-boats. This was a huge part of the allies winning the war because the Germans were not attack Great Brittan at all due to their massive fleet, also the Germans were not able to get around France and attack the North Western or Western parts of France...