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Everyday, the earth deteriorates. Our simple excuse is that we need power to sustain our convenient lives. With our parasitic role upon nature, we ensure our own doom. By using safer and cleaner energy sources, we not only protect our environment, but give it time to regenerate. Our most efficient alternative energy source to help this come true is hydrogen itself. With benefits such as low-cost production, very abundant, and the only by-product being water, hydrogen proves to be our most efficient alternative energy source.

Gasoline, the very popular fuel source, costs too much. By using hydrogen as an alternative energy source, costs are cut which leave less people in debt. As being cheap, it could also be consumed on site which would bring down the price even more. This could lead to be gasoline's replacement.

Being too reliable upon a single energy source could be a serious weakness.

Not only is hydrogen the most abundant element in the universe, but it could be produced by simple electrolysis. Electrolysis is the process in which water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. If we switch to hydrogen, a very abundant resource, we take away this serious weakness.

Rather than have polluting emissions, hydrogen's only byproduct is water. When hydrogen is burned in a car, it combines with oxygen to produce nothing more than water. By switching to hydrogen we discontinue pollution of the air and atmosphere.

Gasoline and other fossil fuels fail when compared with hydrogen. Because of the low cost production, abundance, and non-polluting emissions, hydrogen proves to be the best alternative power. By switching to hydrogen as our main power, we ensure the environment's safety for future generations.