America Driving to Distraction Statistical Essay.

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Distractions while driving has been a big issue in the past few years. People have been known to read the paper, e-mail, primp and shave while driving. Police stopped one man because he was watching a porn video while driving. But does this mean there should be laws against doing certain things in ones car? "According to a Mason-Dixon poll 91% of the drivers they surveyed said they had engaged in some sort of risky behavior including speeding, reading or eating." The poll did not, however, say how many drivers were surveyed. Another study tracked 70 drivers by video. . "At various times, 30% used cell phones, 90% fiddled with stereo controls, and 97 % reached for something. In all drivers were distracted 16% of the time they were driving." 16% of the time doesn't seem to be all that bad considering when I'm not in a car I'm distracted 99% of the time.

I'm distracted right now. Besides that, 70 people doesn't seem like enough to make a logical decision.

The main thing lawmakers are focusing on is cell phone use in cars. Laws have already passed in New York, New Jersey and soon Washington D.C. banning the use of a cell phones while driving without an earpiece. One reason for this is a study conducted by the University of Utah that measured how much of a distraction cell phones can be. According to the researchers, people on cell phones are more dangerous that drunk drivers. I find this hard to believe. Why wouldn't they do research on people who are driving drunk while on a cell phone? It 's easier to make laws against cell phone usage than say washing your cat while driving since cell phone use is so common but than again, so is eating...