Analysis Of Poetry

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In order for the lisner to experience the emotional impact of situations through song and lyrics, it is essential that particular techniques are used. Song lyrics allow us to share out pain and give us hope for the future, we need to understand the use to fully appreciate their construction. In the song " cats in the cradles", Harry Chapin focuses on the parent-child relashionship as it develops through particular stages. Within this song Chapin explores the life of a father who fails to nurture his child believing instead that material possessions will make up for his absence. Chapin uses repetition, direct speech. Rhtm structure and irony to explore these themes.

Repetition is a device commonly used to bring attention to certain aspects of the text. In the song " cats in the cradles" Chapin constantly repeated the nursery rhyme " and the cats in the cradles and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man in the moon".

This is effective as it serves as a constant reminder of the childhood which should essentially be safe, loving and nurturing. Through out the song we are told how children can get emotionally neglected by their parents and then reminded in what way parents are allowing this to happen, by being away and nor nurturing their children. This is effective as it stays with the audience long after hearing the song, and makes us aware of the consequences that will occur if the oarents don't allow their childere to be safe, nurtured and loved.