Analyzing Trends in Organizational Behavior

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This paper will serve to analyze two trends in organizational behavior. The first question analyzed is how ethics affect decision making in organizations. The second question will analyze what the impact on technology is on work related stress.

Imagine a world without ethics. Without ethics, there would be chaos. Supermarkets would not operate because there would be no need since customers would just help themselves to whatever is on the shelf without paying. There would be no government because everyone would be only worried about themselves. Elected officials would only care how to better their own bottom line, and not do what they were elected to do, which is to serve their constituency. Anarchy would reign without any kind of social contract, base morals, or ethics to govern the population.

In this day in age, with corporate scandals like Enron, and Tyco and others it is critical for corporations to hold true to some form of fundamental ethical base.

Employees believe working for an ethical organization is very important. A recent survey found that 55% of workers who describe their workplace as ethical were more likely to be loyal and stay with that organization (Sherren, 2005). Imagine coming to a job everyday and knowing that the decisions management makes are unethical. One reason workers find this important is that working for an ethical organization leads to more promising job security. What a leader does at the top of an hierarchal organization will translate down to the lowest level employees. Without a logical ethics evaluation process an organization can put itself in a lot of trouble. What one believes to be a simple decision can turn out to be a huge ethical problem if it is not properly evaluated and discussed.

In the workforce today, technology is a key ingredient...