Ancient Africa.

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Ancient Africa was not like other places where people had a big difference between the poor and the rich. The rich were not much richer than the poor. South of the Sahara Desert not even kings and queens were much richer than their subjects. Even if kings and queens were not that rich, they still had a lot of control. Some traders also got very powerful as well.

All over most of Africa, boys went to school in the mosques. Mosques are a building for Islamic religious activities and worship. In the mosques, they learned the Koran and they would also recite. The Koran was the book composed of sacred writings accepted by Muslims as revelations made to Muhammad by Allah through the angel Gabriel. Girls in Ancient Africa had specialized training before they were able to marry. The boys participated in lessons were they would learn how to be warriors and responsible men.

Africans seem to have been slaves from the earliest time among themselves. Even before the Europeans were not involved, the slave trade was already capturing thousands of Africans and every year sold away from their families and homes. These slaves were used mainly as servants. Others were shipped to India to work there.