Ancient African Science.

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Ancient Africa had women take part in science more than in Greece, Rome or West Asia. They also took part in their technology. Women are responsible for early pottery industry. They also have a lot to do with cloth manufacturing. Both men and women have to do with medicine.

This attitude changed when the Romans took over. They did not want women to do with anything of science. When the Islamic Empire took over North Africa, they began trading a lot with East Africa. They took over in about 700BC. They also did not want women to do with medicine or science.

But there were a lot of men in North Africa and East Africa who were scientists and doctors between 700 and 1500 AD. Thanks to their common religion, Islam, all of these men were able to communicate in Arabic, and they frequently traveled both in Africa and to West Asia and India and even sometimes to China.

In South Africa and Central Africa, people didn't have so much contact with other places. This is where they kept women involved in science. For example, both women and men learned to identify hundreds of plants that could be used for medicine.