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"White Fang" begins with two men and a group of six sled dogs traveling across the Arctic with carrying a deceased man in a coffin. Little to their knowledge, they were followed by a pack of famished wolves. Every night, a female "half-wolf-half-dog" would seduce one of the pack's dogs away and allow the pack to kill him. This killing of the dogs lasted until only 3 dogs were remaining. One of the men in the camp tried to save a 4th dog from being killed by the wolves, but the man was no match and ended up getting killed despite his best efforts. From then on, the wolves would decisively close in on the camp of the remaining man and 2 dogs. Just as the fire that was keeping the wolves away on the camp burned low, a rescue party came and saved the man and the 2 dogs from surely being decimated by the vicious wolves.

After departing, the pack shortly came upon an 800 lb. bull moose. The pack decided split up and was being followed closely by a vicious she-wolf. The 3 wolves, 2 from the pack and one stray, fought and an older wolf named One-eye defeated both wolves and won the rights to the she-wolf. They mated and the she-wolf gave birth to 5 wolf pups. The sole survivor was a spunky cub, White Fang. White Fang became a pet of the Indians. He moved with the Indians everywhere they traveled, yet he still heard the "call of the wild". They cherished him as he became a great fighter, fighting other dogs. Over time, he became wise and learned many "tricks of the trade". His value to the Indians was immeasurable, until a man by the name of Beauty Smith found...