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The cases in particular require a lot of preparation. The instructor will call on class members for case solution presentations all through the term, at random and without warning. The nature of the class and process means it is also essential that you attend. It's difficult to evaluate your contribution if you are not there. The work loading is even throughout the term -- it does not all come at the end of the term, and you can anticipate and work around periods such as those when policy paper drafts are due.

Cases are assigned so that an even proportion of students prepare the full case for submission each week. (This does not, however, excuse the rest of the class students from preparing the case.) Also, students will prepare one case prior to the break and one case after.

Each case analysis will be no more than eight pages in length.

Students have to prepare both a standard prose analysis document and a PowerPoint document in landscape orientation (for class presentation if selected). Each week a number of students will hand in a case analysis, one or more of these students will be asked to present the case, and the case will be discussed by the class. This is an assignment that can be evaluated with peers, but the written submission must be from one individual student.

Course Objectives:

1. To familiarize the student with a range of decisions implicit in strategic market planning, and to develop skills in using a variety of analytical frameworks for making such decisions.

2. To develop an understanding of how markets contrast in terms of their "enduring characteristics", their stage of development, and how the nature of competition in such markets is impacted.

Target Audience:

The course is managerial in approach. It forces you...