Arranged marriages are ridiculous.

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In India, most of the people still follow the arranged marriage system, which is that parents choose the mate they will marry. These parents think that the arrangement will help their children find a perfect partner, and they think that they know their children even better than themselves. On the contrary, America is a loved-based marriage country, and the arranged marriage does not take precedence anymore because we understand the consequences of doing that. If parents force their children to marry a man or woman that he or she doesn't like, it may cause an unhappy life, divorce, or even death, and many supporting historical events can verify it.

As we know, arranged marriages have already been canceled in most of the countries except India. It is also the truth that most of the countries in the ancient time, arranged their marriages. For example, in China, arranged marriage was only happening in 60s.

Too many children may have caused parents pay less attention on their marriage, and their children just follow their parents and marry carelessly. Now, most of the families only have one child, and they need to let their child choose with whom they want to live. When European countries were in ancient time, many countries used arranged marriages to help build up two countries' relationships and friendships, especially royal families, and they never cared about their children's future. They just traded them for money and authority. The story shows that the parents may not be always right. From the verification of ancient time story, you can see that arranged marriage couldn't work now.

If two people live together but don't like each other, the resolution will be really bad. We shouldn't marry to a guy or girl that we don't like at all. If parents...