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GE has their organizational values, which are more than just a set of words, posted right on their website. By doing so, they have provided written expectations of their employees regarding ethical behavior and integrity in the work environment. These values reflect the energy, spirit and solid foundation of the company, articulating a common code of organizational behavior (

GE's values are a call to action, asking all employees to closely follow these expectations and commit to a common set of beliefs about how business is done in today's marketplace. Their philosophy strongly states that their workers are their most important resources.

K. What is the design of the physical workplace or work environment and what does this say about the organization?

GE is a company with a work environment where employees can pursue and achieve their dreams. Their extreme presence in the global marketplace, innovation and financial strength combine to make GE a dynamic company to work for, giving employees advantages of a large company, with the agility of a small company where the culture is friendly (

Additionally, GE has 11 different core businesses, so employees have the flexibility to change career paths. This is very important to the culture since these opportunities provide a peace of mind for employees and flexibility for change. Unhappy employees have the option to move to other areas of the company and learn about new industries and markets (

GE is committed to diversity in all aspects of their business. They recognize the unparalleled power of the culture mix that leads to innovation and unsurpassed inspiration to their industries. GE's many businesses and subsequent workforce cultures provide jobs for African Americas, Asian Pacific Americas, Hispanics and women.

L. What slogans, language, or sayings are prevalent in the organization? How do...