Asylum seekers in Australia should be treated with greater respect

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Australia's treatment of Asylum Seekers has become a disgrace, from our

violation of our international treaties, mandatory detention centre and violation of

basic human rights. We have changed from a country which bases its ideal on

democracy, freedom and justice to that of a country that refuses to accept refugees on

the ground of humanitarian. The Australia Government should treat asylum seekers

with greater respect, one will guarantee them life, liberty and values.

The universal declaration of human rights is the most widely accepted

international convention in human history. Most countries in the world are

parties to it. Article 14 of the universal declaration of human rights provides

that every person has a right to seek asylum in any territory to which they can gain

access. Despite that almost universally 'accepted' rule, when a person arrives in

Australia and seeks asylum, we lock them up. We lock them up indefinitely and in

conditions of the utmost harshness.

Australia is creating a situation where mandatory

detention not only breaches international law, but also our obligation towards Asylum

seeker as a whole. We are creating a situation where women and children can be held

in detention centre that lacks proper care and safety. The Australian Government

should stop depriving refugees of their basic rights and treat them as a proper human

being. The Government's treatment toward Asylum seeker is anything but respectful

and changes are needed to ensure that Asylum seekers are treated human and with


Australia is becoming known as one of the toughest countries on asylum

seekers who arrive illegally on its shores. Its strict mandatory detention policy is

widely criticized by the UN, refugee organizations, and opposition parties in Australia.

The policy is not only arbitrary, but also flawed. Recent events, such as the Tampa

affair, child overboard...