Beijing people's perception of the 1989 Tiananmen Incident today in 2005.

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The main focus of this essay is to present a Chinese persons' perception of the 1989 Tiananmen Incident in light of opposing Western and Chinese media views and sources.

The body of the essay is divided into three primary parts, with each part discussing and analyzing varying perceptions of the Chinese people in accordance with profession, access to sources and personal experience at the time of the Incident. The first part is broken into two sections, the first section illustrating the Chinese media's outlook on the incident and the second illustrating the Western media's outlook of the event. The second part focuses primarily on the varying perceptions encountered whilst interviewing and discussing the incident with Chinese people and the problems encountered in the process of conducting interviews. The final part is an evaluation of the main sources used for this investigation, including interviews, books and internet sources and how it affected the process of investigation.

Nearly all of the secondary information used for this investigation was collected in the form of internet websites and books. Some secondary data was also collected from newspaper articles. Primary sources were gathered from interviews with citizens living in Beijing, including interviews with teachers, professors, students, actual eye witnesses and an American foreign correspondent working in China. Most of the information found is deemed to be reliable as all interviews conducted were off the record and names were not mentioned and books used were written by highly acclaimed china watchers, with one of them, The Tiananmen Papers, containing official government documents.

It is have concluded that the Chinese people's perception of the 1989 Tiananmen Incident is an integral part of understanding the incident as a whole. In order to understand the true origins and nature of the Incident, the Chinese people need to be consulted...