"Beloved" By Toni Morrison

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In Romans 9, Paul , the spokesperson for Jesus to the developing churches around the Mediterranean shores, writes a stream of letters to remind evolving Christians that they receive God's love through grace. Although they are a rebellious, unruly people, God bestows glory on them out of love for people who are not truly "beloved". (cliffsnotes, pg1) Morrison's novel, beginning with the title and ending with people barely fitting into their society because of their past, haunted and ruined by it, people who were not given the chance to evolve but were "created" by others, is a novel about grace, love, power and forgiveness.

Beloved is barely a person simply because she stands for the past. She is the haunting shadow of the slaves' past , blaming their actions and what they had become, a reminder of the past that u can never force yourself to forget.

She is both a ghost of the innocent that was killed by her mother, coming to revenge herself and live the life she might have had , and the dark, hidden past of every black slave.

Everything about her is new, young: her eyes are black and empty, a just as she died in the darkness and now needs information constantly, feeds on it, the emptiness suggesting she is not human. Her skin is flawless, like a baby's skin, also suggesting she is new into this world. Her body is fragile, but as she gets information and forces people to remember their past, she gets stronger, taking all the steps a woman does in life: teenager, woman, childbearing.

Beloved does not have a last name, representing the fact that she has no past of her own, and as she is taken in the family Sethe is glad to remember and tell everything about...