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Beowulf is very much a romance it fits just about all the requirements and standards that a romance is expected to have. The things that really make a romance is the long rigorous journey, the hero with victorious battles, and then the ruler or king role when he returns to his homeland; all these things are very common in Beowulf, this it is of course a romance. The first big sign that this was going to be a romance was when Beowulf sails to Denmark to slay Grendel, this is the journey which is leading to the battle. With the battle not only does he defeat Grendel but his mother as well, with this it is already obvious that it is a romance. Then after defeating the monsters he returns home here he is considered a hero and when the king and king's son die Beowulf becomes the king.

Here some things that prove that this poem is true romance, it has basically all the primary characteristics.

Every big romance battle story begins with a journey, most of them monumental and maybe very tough. In this poem the journey is not a huge monumental rigorous experience they're enough of everything else to make this a romance. Beowulf left with his crew with pride and bravery "May one so valiant and venturesome come unharmed through the clash of battle" (Lines 299-300). Here it is clearly stated that Beowulf and his army are ready to do what they need to do and they leave proudly and sure they basically won't have a problem. When him and his crew arrive in Denmark they are dressed in there full armor spears and all, they then propose to the king, Hrothgar. He of course accepts Beowulf's proposal to take the battle and...