The best representative of cartoon in Japan--Doraemon.

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Being a big hit in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the cat-like robot, Doraemon continues to extend his endless fascinations in the 21th century. Doraemon is undoubtedly one of the best representative of cartoons in Japan, symbolizing the creativity of the Japanese. At the same time it reflects their typical home lives in the 70s in the views of children.

Doraemon is also a typical hero--every time when Nobita causes troubles, he takes out special tools from his 4-dimensional pocket to offer perfect cures for his problems.

However, Doraemon didn't start out to be great. Doraemon suffered greatly before he was sent to Nobita. Being a second-rate robot by losing a screw, failing all his tests in the Robots Academy, having his pair of ears bitten off by a mouse, Doraemon always put a bright face on things and never gives up.

These qualities can always be seen in his big smiling mouth, which is the best tool to send his sense of optimism to everyone.