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From the case known that the best companies gives more attention on, productivity, innovation, problem solving, quality, customer satisfaction and change. Also we can see that the implementation of a new management practice can make a difference for organizational performance.

Companies find that implementation can make difference for organizational performance when the practices assimilated; that is, integrated, externally coordinated, used in daily practice, applied to solving problems, and kept current. However, going beyond the practice's minimum requirements also is necessary.

Improved management understanding of the factory floor, worker involvement in quality, and greater emphasis on statistical process control can lead to dramatic improvements in the cost and quality of manufactured products.

The concept of quality improvements is directly applicable to small companies as well as large, to service industries as well as manufacturing, and to the public sector as well as private enterprise.

The 25 companies companies understanding that in order to be successful, quality improvement programs must be management-led and customer-oriented, and this may require fundamental changes in the way companies and agencies do business.

In conclusion I can say that the quality is the best criteria appear to be demonstrated by the action of the best companies.

Compare the actual process to what is desired

2.Quality improvements has more impact on quality department such as:

Identify areas in which errors or problems could occur

Identify time lags and non-value-adding steps.

Identify the responsibility for each step

Brainstorm for problems in the process

Develops trust between the workers

Develops long run good relationship with suppliers

Improves the quality of the product

Maximizes the value proposition

Makes design process easier

Supplier partnership gives chance to cost reduction