Big budget does not mean the blockbuster.

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From the invention of the film, through the time of black and white to color, silence to sound film, about 100 years, the movie becomes one of the most popular entertainment for human. The audience enjoys that the movie provides a different view and a splendid world of imagination, in places most of them have never had the opportunity to visit. Sometimes, it allows us to judge our own surroundings and our own beliefs in new ways. People like to watch the movie for relaxation, however, beyond the side of entertainment that the movie brought us, it contains the huge economic profit through the marketing systems. Hollywood is the particular example in the entertainment industry. The Hollywood film industry makes the popular movies that are pleasurable and easy to understand (Stringer, 2003). It touches the lives of people all over the world. Across border of time and culture, popular images of the movie business make audience interested in: glamorous stars, grand premieres, visionary directors and shrewd producers.

The blockbuster constitutes the most public kind of popular cinema, and a key part of the genre's attractions to create audience awareness. The movie will affect you, picture you something that you never before experienced, it will activate your every nerves and attract you into the fairy tales they created.

While the movie industry is accompanied by business risks, the studios and filmmakers try their best to minimize the loss and gain the profit. The studios invest hundreds of million dollars every year in producing big budget films to be the blockbuster. Each film is a careful and purposeful production, usually combined with the powerful concept, appealing storyline, famous directors, major stars, technical amazement, and a strong marketing campaign. But these rules cannot warrant the movie will hit the box-office. This essay will...