Billy Bishop - True Canadian hero?

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**Please note this was for a grade 12 canadian history class as just a minor project and therefor is not ment to be detailed, but rather just stating a simple argument to prove that Billy Bishop(a canadian flying ace during the worldwar) was or was not a canadian hero.**

The dictionary defines a hero as a man admired for his achievements and qualities. Billy Bishop fits that definition perfectly yet somehow some Canadians do not see him as a national hero or even worse they have never heard of him. This is disgraceful to Bishop, a man who risked his life to assure our freedom. Bishop made extraordinary achievements not only on the battlefield but also when he was off the battlefield. He believed in teamwork but was not afraid to take on five enemy planes by himself when it was required. He passed his knowledge onto younger pilots in hope that it may one day save their lives.

Billy Bishop is Canada's greatest war hero and should be remembered so.

Bishop was a role model for all the allied soldiers. He was he enjoyable to be around, being a practical joker, and was not arrogant like most of the other top aces. Under the stress of flying he would get the shakes as most pilots did even though he always told himself that is was just a game.

To bring down a machine did not seem to me like killing a man; it was just like destroying a mechanical target, with no human being in it... I did not relish the idea of killing Germans, yet, when in combat in the air, it seemed more like any other kind of sport, and to shoot down a machine was very much the same as if one were shooting down...