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James Alfred Wight (James Herriot) was born on October 3rd 1916 in the Roker area of Sunderland. His parents James and Hannah were married on July 17 1915 in Sunderland. The couple moved to Glasgow, were Alfred was raised, and like most boys his age in Glasgow, he went to Yoker Primary School and Later to Hillhead high school, that and his Glaswegian accent gave many the impression he was Scottish.

At age 13 Alfred Wight decided to become a vet and qualified as a vet in Dec 1939. He then went straight to work in Sunderland in Jan 1940 and in July that same year, moved to Thirsk and fell in love with the beautiful country and friendly people.

Alfred Wight was a country vet and as James Herriot best selling author. So Heart touching (weather happy or sad) was his books that they made 2 movies and a popular TV series.

He started writing at age 50 after retiring, and the stories were based on his experiences as a country vet. His first book was published in 1970 and was a best seller in all, all 8 eight of his books were best sellers.

Among his many interests were literature, music, and sports. He was a strong supporter in the Sunderland football club, and was involved also in cricket, and loved tennis. He married Joan Danbury on Nov 5th in St. Mary Magdalene church in Thirsk. They had two children, Jimmy and Rosie. Jimmy toke his position next to his Father as a vet, and Rosie became a doctor.

Alfred Wight was a much respected local and did not let his fame as an author change his life style or habits. He was faithful to Thrisk even in 1970 during high taxation; he refused to leave the town, the people, and the lovely memories.

And on Feb 23rd 1995 he died in Lambert Memorial Hospital in Thirsk