Biomass: Which energy resource(s) should be developed for the future? To support your choice(s), discuss use, cost, supply, net useful energy yield, and environmental impact.

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For my choice of what kind of resource should be developed I would pick Biomass. We have been using this kind of energy long before the use of fossil fuels, in the past people used wood from the forest to build their homes and even to cook.

We define biomass as the energy from organic matter. The Earth is full of this natural and renewable resource of energy. If we learn how to develop this kind of energy, in a future not too far, we can substitute the use of fossil fuels with the use of biomass as a source of energy, but firs we have to learn how to explode correctly the use of any biomass such as wood from the trees, plants, residues from agriculture or forestry, and the organic component municipal and industrial waste.

Using biomass as a source of energy we can reduce dramatically our greenhouse gas emissions.

"Biomass generated about the same amount of carbon dioxide as fossil fuels, but every time a new plant grows, carbon will be zero as long as plants continue to be replenished for biomass purposes" . If we use the biomass feedstocks (energy crops, such as fast-growing trees and grasses), "we can increase profits for the agriculture industry" substituting the old tradition of the burning fuels industry.

Another reason why I pick biomass is the facility that it will take it to replace the use of fossil fuels. We can completely substitute the use of fossil fuels; we can develop the use of biofuels which is the use of biomass in liquid form for transportation, biopower burning biomass directly, or converting it into a gaseous fuel or oil, to generate electricity, We also can create bioproducts that is converting biomass into chemicals for making products that typically...