The Black Panther, Huey Newton.

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Huey Newton was born on the 17th of February in 1942 Monroe, Louisiana. He was the youngest child of seven. As an infant his family decided to move to Oakland, California. His father named Huey Newton after the famous politician, Huey P. Long, that did great things for black people in Louisiana. His father and mother were both active members of the NAACP (1) through their church. His father was a hardworking man, sometimes working three to four jobs to support his family. As an infant his family decided to move to Oakland, California. Huey Newton's father taught Huey Newton important lessons of principle. Huey Newton's father's friend, who was also trying to support a large family, got a good job with the Oakland Police Department. He must have been one of the first black police officers on the force back in the 1950's. His father broke his friendship with him because his friend was only allowed to arrest black people.

He broke friendship on the principle that his friend was now an enemy to his family. Huey Newton was poorly educated as a child and when he graduated from high school he was illiterate. He showed a great amount of courage and taught himself to read and write at a high school graduate skill. He then attended Merritt College in Oakland and started to attend criminology classes because at that time in his life he wanted to be a criminal, but he didn't know what type of criminal he wanted to be. He also attended law school, which made his parents proud, but when he dropped out his parents were greatly disappointed and looked at it as a sign of ingratitude towards them.

In 1966 at Merritt College Huey Newton met Bobby Seale. Bobby Seale lived in Oakland and...