"Blinking Eye" by Sam Shephard.

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The concept of death is always combined with something sad and terrible. Especially if this concept happens to someone you're related to. It's very different how people react to the fact that someone they know has died and the reaction is frequently due to how their personality is. Are you either emotional or insensitive, not to be understood as someone with no feelings at all but insensitive as a person who hides his or hers emotional side beneath the surface. In some cases the fact that some-one just died seems too surreal to someone, which makes them ignorant to the truth and they refuse to realize the fact that someone has actually died. In this short story "Blinking Eye" adapted from "Great Dream of Heaven" made by Sam Shepard we hear from a young girl, who recently has lost her mother.

The main character is neither named nor aged in this story but the fact that she has a high-school t-shirt and presumably a driver licence makes her at least 16 years old.

As mentioned she has a mother who just died, an older sister, a little brother and a father we don't hear much about. The fa-ther and the brother play no big role in this story. The first time we hear from the brother is when she in connection with talking to the hawk compares that talk with the talks she used to have with her brother when he'd done something her father wasn't supposed to know about. This, and when she gets a flash back from her childhood in Green Bay barely remembering her father, are the two things we get to know about her father. This indicates she and her father didn't have a good rela-tionship with each other. The big sister Sally and...