Book report about Che, in "Che Guevara: a revolutionary life" by Jon lee Anderson.

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Che Guevara was born on June 14, 1928, and was executed on October 9, 1967. He was thirty-nine years old. He was a leader of the overthrowing of the Batista regime in Cuba. He was very well known for his work around the globe trying to spread communist ideals, and still is today. That was the reason he was executed. Today Che's picture can be found on t-shirts and many other clothing items. I think that people would want to read about Che because he led a very interesting life. Also he was the father of communism in South America; anyone who wanted to know more about communism would want to read about him. I chose Che because I wanted to learn more about him and thought that this was a perfect time to do so.

This was a very well written book. It kept my interest throughout, even though it was very long.

It was written in 1997. I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about Ché or what he did. The most interesting thing that I learned in this book was how he died. It was the CIA and Bolivian government, which handed down the order for death. Not only that, when he was murdered, he was shot several times to make it appear as though he died in combat. After reading this book I felt more informed about Ché's life and works.