Book Review - "Girls Out Late"

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The story is about a 13 year old girl Ellie, who meets the boy of her dreams. She sees him almost everyday and loses the track of time, which makes her dad angry. He doesn't want her to see Russell but gives up after a while. Then, Ellie has to choose between going to a dance with Russell or to a rock concert with her two best friends, Magda and Nadine.

There are fights because of that but she chooses the concert. But when the girls come there they find out the concert is cancelled. Because Nadine fancies one boy, who says he is from a rock band the girls end up in a strange house in a dangerous part of London with some shady boys who want them to drink and smoke. The girls escape, but not without taking risks that could have cost them their lives. Ellie lies to her parents that she actually went to the concert.

When her father finds this out, she isn't allowed out again. In the end Russell calls Ellie asking if she wants to see a film. She explains she isn't allowed out again, Russell is disappointed but says "Ellie... I love you".

The whole story covers approximately three weeks, but with a lot of events, which go right from one day to the next. The story is ordinary; there is nothing unusual, just a story about a teenager. It is hard to say when the climax of the story was but I guess it was when Magda and Nadine got really mad at Ellie for choosing to go out with Russell rather then with them. In the end of the story, after Russell tells Ellie he loves her, the finishing lines are: "Who shall I phone first, Magda...