Book Review for "This Side of Paradise" by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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"This Side of Paradise" tells the life of Amory Blaine from his childhood through his twenties. He was the son of a very wealthy woman, Beatrice. He would travel all over the world until he attends St. Regis Prep School in New England. Even though he is lazy in his school work me manages to get himself into Princeton. Toward the end of college America enter World War I. He dutifully enlists, and forgoes his degree. During his time overseas his mother passes away. When he returns to America he meets Rosalind Connage and the two fall head over heals fro each other. But because of his family's poor investments Amory has little money and Rosalind doesn't want to marry into poverty. Despite his efforts to earn money in an advertising agency, she breaks off the engagement in order to marry a wealthier man. Amory begins drinking and is put on Prohibition and he finally stops.

He later then discovers that the last close tie to his family had died as well. Furthermore, the family finances have left him with no money. He decides to walk back to Princeton and he is picked up along the way by the father of a friend who had passed away in the war. Amory finally figures out the new principles needed in his life and continues on his walk. The story ends with his hand outstretched towards the sky and he says "I know myself, but that is all."

This book was very insightful. Amory comes to see his own selfishness which is what many of us in society need to do. How many times do we do something that doesn't exactly benefit anything else but us? Answering for myself, I say A LOT of times. This book though was not exactly outstanding...