Bovine Somatotropin

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Bovine Somatotropin is a natural hormone that dairy cows produce naturally that enables them to produce their milk; but thousands of dairies are injecting their milking cows with extra doses of bovine Somatotropin, also know as BST, to increase their milk output. BST is a very controversial matter in the agriculture industry, specifically the industry of dairymen. Like other controversial matters, many people think that BST is the cause for several ailments in humans. The ailments are supposed to be caused by the extra amount of BST that we ingest from drinking milk. Studies have shown no direct influence from extra BST in milk to be linked to human ailments, but the same studies have shown severe health issues for the treated cows.

Bovine Somatotropin is produced from dairy cows pituitary gland, which stimulates them to produce more milk. Around 30% of dairies in the United States are buying the extra hormone to increase their profits, and are not looking at their cows health issues caused from the increase of hormones in the bovine.

Monsanto Co. of St. Louis, Missouri, was the first company to have a BST product approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration. This approval is still debated and not overly welcomed by many consumers and farm groups and especially by animal rights activist. The problems the extra doses cause to the cows is significant enough that there are several reports and requests that this hormone should be stopped from replicating it from its natural form and to ban the use of it, as it is seen as a selfish act of the dairy owners and cooperatives that market and sale the milk.

Food and Drug Administration scientists have stated that BST is a protein-based hormone that is broken down during digestion in the...