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The aim of the experiment was to find out what happens to the jump height if you add mass to the bug up toy so that if you add mass twice the jump height is supposed to be twice less.


The experiment tools were a ruler, ruler holder and the bug up toy. The measurements were taken using plasticize to increase the mass to certain amount. The launch was made against the ruler so that height could be seen on the ruler and written down. The amount of a bug up toy itself is 8.15g so that the starting mass in the table of results will be 8.15g which is mass of a bug up toy without anything added. The next mass will be 9g and we will be increasing every time by 2 g. I will launch the bug up toy three times with increases the reliability of the results gain the mass and 3 jump heights were written down in the table and the average jump height was calculated.

To avoid accidents do not look at the bug up toy from the top when the bug up toy is about to launched.


The experiment almost proved to be reliable to equation that if you double the mass the height of the jump would be divided by two. For example if you take some of the points in the graph if the mass is 10 grams the average jump height will be 81 cm, if you take 20 grams which is twice as much the jump height is 40 cm which is almost half of the jump height with the 10 grams mass. Also during the experiment I noticed that some of the energy is being spent on the making of the sound during the launch...