Capital Punishment: To Be or Not To Be

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The death penalty should be considered as an open alternative rather than as the only resort or not an option at all. The fact can't be denied that capital punishment is an option and widely used. Annihilation of criminals should be considered because you save more tax money, its goal is the same as life in prison, and makes the process of death less painful.

Today the most common used method of execution is lethal injection. Reasons for the favor of this method are that it's safer to perform and has a very clean ending. The costs for drugs used in lethal injection are $86.06. Non-capital punishment, however, costs about $1900 in taxes for every adult in prison in the state. An extra $80 is added to taxes for every prison in the state as well. When everybody pays their taxes it takes about $43,700 to keep a single person in prison for a year in one state.

In the whole U.S. costs rise up to $933 million to operate a prison and an additional $550 million to repair and build more prisons.

The purpose of life in prison and capital punishment are the one and the same; to end the life of an inmate who has been judged to not deserve to live. There is no lesson to be learned, no debt to be paid, not even a contribution for the troubles; there is only action. Stupidity and foolishness has brought the convict to their present situation, and now the consequence so repeatedly warned about is to be faced. In the end, nothing is accomplished, nothing is taught. Life in prison has no moral but a miserable end; extermination hastens the time, money, and misery to a swift and un-scarring death.

Prison scars inmates' lives when...