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This scenario is based upon women whom are terminally ill from breast cancer. Her name is Kathryn 32 years old with approx 3 months to live.

She is married with a husband named Joe, which she is quiet, distressed about. He is awaiting trial on charges of theft from charity bins. He has been stealing to support his Heroin Habit of around $500.00 a week. He also receives a social security payment.

Both are unemployed and have been for some time. They reside in a small rural town, about half an n hour from Geelong. Joe has been raiding Charity bins in Geelong and selling the clothes at trash and treasure markets in Melbourne. Kathryn has been helping Joe clean the clothing and take it to markets, she has not been charged.

They have a five-year-old Daughter, Wendy and a dog Minty. Kathryn is particularly concerned about the long term care of Minty and Wendy, especially if Joe is sent to prison for any length of time.

During a home visit to see Joe you are shocked at the sanity of the house. Minty has been soiling the house, which appears has not been cleaned for some weeks. There open garbage bags containing food waste sitting in the kitchen and it seems the washing up has not been done for weeks. Soiled laundry lies in piles in the corners of the rooms.

Important Relevant Facts

A: Kathryn's illness (Welfare)

B: Welfare of the daughter Wendy

C: Joe's incapability's to provide for his own welfare

And also Wendy's

D: Joe's drug addiction and cause

E: Appending charges against Joe

F: Living arrangements

G: welfare of the Dog

Measures to be thought about

A: counselling for Kathryn (support services i.e. doctors, medicine, welfare payments)

B: Social Welfare...