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The problems at Smart Ed Systems are not something that can be fixed overnight. One of the main problems I see is the attitude of the owner!

The owner's reluctance to discuss any problems and sugar-coating the financial well being of the company is detrimental to the future of the company. His bad attitude is portrayed to the business manager and in turn makes him less motivated to address the problems. The owner needs to address the issues. Not talking about them, does not make the problems go away.

The other problems with not having a graphic artist on staff, employees working and reworking finished projects, authors and editors unable to telecommute (and thus less productive, as the only time they could "work" was while in the office) and existing staff overworked are all problems that can be addressed.

In my opinion, I believe Smart Ed needs a "project manager." The project manager should have an excellent background and experience in publishing. The project manager would be responsible for stressing to the staff the importance of timelines, deadlines and developing a chart or some type of visual aid showing what has been completed and what still needs to be addressed. Based off the timeline, the project manager would be able to have a better idea on how long the process would need to be reviewed, edited and materials printed.

Jerry, as the company business manager, should manage issues on a more personal level and let someone else manage the production and projects.

The business manager and the project manager need to be responsible for interviewing and hiring two graphic artists. Also, I believe a new department of graphic design should be created into the infrastructure of the company. This department should be staffed with two highly trained...