"The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger

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(Why Holden should belong in a resthome)

Holden's many physocological problems are a reason for him to be in a rest home. He lives in a fantasy world, therefore he can't think normally like other people.

One reason for Holden to be in a resthome was when he got the idea to go away, act like a deaf-mute and have a job at a gas station. He thought if the people think he can't hear or speak they will have to write notes to him, but after a while they would get tired of that and wont talk to him. He would say goodby to his sister Phoebe. His parents could visit him once a while but couldnt talk to him. Then he would get married, have kids and force them to be lonely too. Its hard for Holden to make friends because he's so much different from everyone, and this could cause problems for him when he's grown up.

In the resthome they could help him be more like other people, as in helping him socialize with people who have problems like his.

When Holden was at the movies with Sally Hays he had an idea to move up North with her and getting married. Naturally since she said no Holden got all upset and crazy. He thought she did the meanest thing in the world to him. He called her a pain in the ass, so she got made and left. Though in the beginning Holden did like Sally. He should go to the resthome, because he cant be polite, cant communicate with people and has crazy ideas. He can't decide wether he likes Sally or not. In the resthome they could help him be more confident about his feelings, and make better decisions.

Holden lives in a fantasy world, and wishes that he'll have a job saving all these little kids from falling off a big cliff. They would be playing around him in this big field of rye all day and he would be the oldest one there. He gets along a lot better with little kids then with people his age or older. Since he's not living in reality world, he can't think normally like other people.

These illustrate why he belongs in a resthome. Hopefully he can get help, and after a while become more like everyone else. He doesn't have much of a chance to change though, but after he would once hopefully get out of the resthome he could have some friends, a job and a family.