Change essay: Change takes many paths and is not necessarily a good one. Discuss. (Texts used: "The Color Purple", "Finding Forrester" (film) and "Sky High")

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Change affects us all and many paths can be taken to achieve this. "Change is never easy but always worthwhile." This statement holds true to an extent. Firstly, change is caused by many stimuli, whether it is a self change, or change caused by a different factor. In addition, the process of change can be either an easy process, or a difficult process. As mentioned earlier, change can take many paths. So, depending on the situation, the degree of difficulty varies. Finally, change is worthwhile, to an extent. Although most change works out in the end due to adaption to the new environment, sometimes change does not totally work out in the end. The texts used to justify the points mentioned will be The Color Purple (TCP) by Alice Walker, the movie Finding Forrester (FF) directed by Gus Van Sant, and Sky High of the Resource Booklet.

The cause of the change differs depending on the catalyst of it.

In TCP, Celie undergoes change due to her situation. Being an African American woman, she has no respect whatsoever. Early in the story, she is raped by her own step-father and given away for marriage. Having already undergone so much change early in her life, she is then abused and also struck by Albert. The story is written in a diary format, making what Celie said more personal, "He start to choke me, saying You better shut up and git used to it." This forces Celie to become more withdrawn and resorts to "be like a tree," to just absorb the blows and continue with life.

Quite differently, in FF, change begins through Jamal's friends' curiosity. They notice an old man watching then through his apartment window and observes them play basketball. Jamal summons the courage to go...