Change Management

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1. Introduction

Change Management is the process of developing a planned approach to change in an organization. It is designed to maximize the organizational and staff members' benefits and to minimize the risk of failure in the process the change implementation. Both sides have to work together for results. Change management provides organizations with knowledge, tools, and resources of change that provides organizations with a key process to achieve their business strategies.

Managing changes requires the answers of basic questions such as:

* Where is the organization going and why?

* When does the organization is going to reach the vision?

* How does the organization know if it has acomplish its vision?

* How does the organizationis going to reach it?

* Whats are the signpost alog the way?

* How does the organization is going to be aware of its success?

* What will the organizations is going to do it and when?

* How is going to provide the guidence and support along the process of change to the organization?

In different words, the company needs a vision, long term goals, a strategy and an action plan.

The company needs to provide an specific purpose and sense of direction, to create a vision and to abolish uncerteainty. In addition, the company has to make sure of the total involvement in the process of change of the stakeholders, in oreder to generate ownership in the change development. It also requieres the company to establish communication structures and channels to make easier the information flow and facilitate effective feedback.

2. Resistance to Change

Resistance to change by organisational stakeholders is an action taken when they perceive that the change that is occurring is a threat to them, and they put a strong restraining force. It is common that individuals...