Changes in Macbeth during the play due to Lady Macbeth's influence.

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To the director,

Society is changing rapidly and as it changes I think that the play Macbeth should be altered a little. If the play is kept the same it will become boring and we will only realize what the past is like. Maybe if there was two versions to show us what it was like in the past and the future. Something needs to be done!

In the play, the witches are too plain. They are described as the plain and original witches you might find in a fairy tale. If there is a change in the witches, the whole play will change as well. This will help compare the differences from the times then from now.

I chose the witches to wear hip hop clothing. It may seem a little lame but everywhere you go, you see people wearing chains, carrying weapons or fighting.

The hip hop design was chosen because it is a trend which is used basically everywhere.

The world's society is dramatically changing. If you compare the world's society with the society back in Shakespeare's day, it is completely different. Back in the day people wore formal clothes, fancy hats and occasionally had canes. Nowadays people wear hip hop clothes, wear trucker hats and carry knives.

If the play was changed from Shakespeare's idea to today's society, it will help people learn how much the play has changed. From a safe and stable society to a violent and dangerous society.

Many things have changed from the past. Reading Macbeth helps me realize how much society has changed and showed me how spoilt the people have become. Technology has changed a great deal. This has had a huge impact on society. Things are mainly...