Chapter 2 of the Book: "Lord of the Files"

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Chapter two "Fire on the Mountain" begins when another council is called by Ralph. In the council they discuss of their situation and are reminded that they are in an island that is inhabited and with water all around the island. They acknowledge they are alone and without grown-ups. They notice they are lacking rules to order the group and have a better chance of survival. One of the rules they come up with is "whoever has the conch has the power to speak without interruption". In the council they also talk about the presence of pigs and how they are unable to catch one. Jack tells them about his failure to catch the pigs and they agree they need help. As they speak another child tells them he is afraid of many of the animals he saw on the island jungle. Ralph finally comes to the conclusion that if they wished to be saved by a ship or plain they should have a signal to call its attention.

So they decide to make a fire. The kids spread and gather old dry wood for the fire. They decide to do the fire on the top of the mountain. When they have gathered the wood they decide to start the fire with Piggy's lenses. They get the fire started and throw in plants to create smoke signals. They aren't careful and soon the plants and trees near by start to burn, soon a part of the jungle is in fire due to them. After the mess they find out that the little kid who was afraid of the "monsters" was missing.