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Our culture and influences are always changing. Right now it seems like more parts of the world are adapting a very bad food culture that is affecting our lifestyles to the worse. The country with the biggest problem with obesity and junk food is, according to me, the US. It's been going on for years and years, and now the countries outside from the US become more affected.

Look at Sweden for example, a country where, when I was a child, none of my friends were overweight, and now the numbers of people who are overweight are increasing every year. According to "Folket", 18% of all children in the ages 6-17 in Sweden are overweight. That is as much as the double of what it was in the 80's (par. 1). We all know what the effects are and that there is nothing good coming out of being obese, but what are the causes? The causes can be split up in to three groups and it seems rather simple: your heritage, eating more energy than you use, or burning less energy than you eat.

Just thinking about the weight, it doesn't matter if you eat too much sugar, fat or carbohydrates.

We see the effects of obesity in our society every day. We talk about it, we know people who suffer from it, we know that it's bad for us and it causes diseases. I think the effects are pretty clear, so I would like to focus on some of the causes. It's important for people to know about this problem, so we can try to avoid and reduce the problem in the future.

A growing trend in Sweden and all around the world is obesity among children. This is a change that has happened very quickly, and the reasons...