Christmas Reflections.

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I was traveling through my old neighborhood, the last Christmas season and, as I sat on the old street where I had grown up, memories began to flood my mind.

Now I do realize Holidays were probably the same as anywhere else. However, in this corner of the Universe, they were very special, magical, and romantic.

My Family lived just moments from our favorite hill for sled riding. I remember that smell of hot cocoa from the vendor, the sounds of Christmas carols playing on the old 45's. Our favorite slope (we were lucky to have three) was the one leading down to the creek and if you did not turn fast, enough you could be an instant Popsicle.

There was a skating rink in the park and, I remember my parents would hold hands while skating to the sounds of the carolers singing in the stands.

During Christmas break, the streets were filled with children playing with their snow throwers.

These devices, a long plastic tube, about 2 ft long with a fluted end. You would scoop up snow; give it a good fling, and try to cover your opponent. This was all in good fun, especially when we added chocolate syrup to the snow.

The fondest memories were those of my friends and my self-heading down to Woolworth and making out our Christmas list for Santa Clause. We would stand in amazement of the breath taking window displays filled with electric train sets, toy soldiers, robots with flashing eyes and a ray gun.

The saddest time for me was in 1968, that was the year I discovered there was no Santa Clause but, the sadness was lifted quickly, there was a brand new speedway sled under the Christmas tree and, it was the extra long style so...