Code of Ethics: College of Executives.

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Why is there a Code of Ethics?

The Code of Ethics has been around since before the 2000 A.D. times. In any profession there should be a guideline to follow. It can mean several things. Code of Ethics should define behavior, to promote high standards of practice, to provide a benchmark for self evaluation and to mark professional responsibilities that should be up held on a daily basis.

The goals are clearly defined for Healthcare Administrators across America in College of Healthcare Executives. This document contains standards of ethical behavior for healthcare in their professional relationships which includes colleagues, patients or others in the society as a whole. Healthcare Administrators have to act in ways that show trust, confidence and respect to other professionals and the general public. Since every decision in healthcare can affect the well-being of patients and others around, Administrators must evaluate the outcomes of the decision.

They must consider the rights and interests of patients and the community.

The responsibilities are great for this profession. They include responsibilities to patients, other colleagues, organizations, employees, community and to report violations. They must conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, and good faith in a manner that is positive. They must comply with all laws and regulations in the jurisdiction of healthcare. Healthcare Administrators must maintain competence and proficiency in management and continue education. Respect professional confidence and avoid financial conflicts of interests. (

Administrators also have a responsibility to patients. They should work to ensure and evaluate the quality of care. They should advise patients of their rights, opportunities and responsibilities as patients and make sure there are safeguards in effect. Demonstrate zero tolerance for any abuse that may arise. Make sure there is a process in place to resolve any conflict that may arise with...