The Collector: Creative Writing Task.

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Birds awoke in the morning and tweeted harmoniously as the sun was poking out from under the horizon. It rose in a slow fashion, yet formed a gorgeous arc, painting the dull sky with streams of reds and yellows. It illuminated the whole environment, making characterless objects spring to life. The morning dew on the grass glistened like diamonds and the odd middle aged exercisers, jogged through the pathways.

George laid in his bed, unaware of the serene setting unfolding outside his bedroom window. The curtains were closed but some sun rays penetrated through the thick, Venetian blind and brushed George's cheek. He wrestled around uncomfortably but finally settled once his face was out of the sun's way.

A loud, piercing roar interrupted the peacefulness outside which sounded like a banshee howling down the road, disrupting the neighborhood's contentment. George rose to the sound at once. Sweat streamed down his face and body, like rain on a window pane, and George shot out of his room.

He ran around the house frantically. He pivoted around in the middle of the house, looking for something until he sighted a bag. Bolting out of the house with the bag clutched in his hands, George was nervous.

"DAMN!" George yelled at the top of his lungs. A loud, angry barking was heard next door. The dog wasn't very pleased with George disrupting the serenity. George continued to sprint. He panted furiously and was horribly sweaty from the morning sun. He got to the other end of the street and listened searchingly. Mzzzzzz. He sprinted towards the direction the sound was coming from.

The smell of the mysterious bag he carried wafted into his nose as he ran. The smell was horrid and made George's face redder. Meanwhile, adrenaline pumped through his whole body...