Come live with me - poem

Essay by madeinrussia20 June 2006

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Come live with me and be my friend.

We will be happily together until the end.

We will play all day in the sun.

We can travel around the world, it will be so much fun.

Shopping together will be so sweet.

We can even share shoes, if we have the same size feet.

We will party all night.

You will never be in fright.

I'll stick to you and be by your side.

We will be a shoe lace and always be tied.

So will you be my friend until the end?

Or will I have to write you another poem to send.

I will live with you and be your friend.

I hope we are together until the end.

I'm excited to play in the sun, were we can find a lily.

Can we even try traveling to Chile?

We'll have fun shopping at the mall.

We will share shoes and clothes, if you're not too tall.

Partying will be the best.

Don't be scared we will have a huge sleepover fest.

I won't let you get yelled at or hurt.

If you do I'll make sure to give you an alert.

Yes, I'll be your friend until the end of time.

Don't send another poem because now your mine.