Compare and contrast of Ginsberg vs. Eisenhower?

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"America when will we end the human war? Go f*** yourself with your atom bomb." This quote sums up Allen Ginsberg's thoughts of American in about two sentences. Ginsberg is a person that is very unhappy with the current system that America is changing to and he tries to express his feelings through a poem title "America." He is representing a large amount of Americans that do not like the "new direction" American is going in after the Cold War. President Eisenhower's Farewell Address also talks about the same topic. Because he has dealt with this system first hand for so long, he believes that he should use his last words as the President to explain to the American people of it's reasons of construction an it's possible consequences of the permanent and more powerful military along with the more Federal Government power. The historical context after the Cold War along with both Ginsberg's and President Eisenhower's backgrounds have had a profound affect on their stance of the "new direction" of after the Cold War; furthermore, comparing and contrasting their main ideas of their documents to better understand them better as a whole.

The historical context of this time played a very key role for how and why Allen Ginsberg and President Eisenhower viewed American. The main reason for such change was due to the Cold War. To give a little of a background to the Cold War, it was between America and U.S.S.R. At the end of WWII America was the only country that had the A-bomb in their arsenal ready to use. The President at that time, President Truman, was not afraid to use it. President Truman used it on Japan twice in order to "get even" for Pearl Harbor and to stop the war. Once the world...