Compare and Contrast the rise and forms of Fascism in Germany and Italy

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After the First World War, Europe was completely ravished, with millions dead, millions of dollars in debt, and a broken infrastructure. People in Europe often were subject to famine, disease and dissidence. In order to combat this, throughout Europe two very different idea of government were taking roots in mainland Europe, Communism and Fascism. In countries neighboring Russia, and France the ideals of Communism began to become popular, however in Italy, and in Germany, Fascism became the government of choice in the post World War One era. How is it possible that a government, which at its core denies basic civil right, could become popular in the eyes of the masses? This paper will show the rise and forms of Fascism in Italy and in Germany.

In Italy starting in 1920, many were disgusted by the terms of the peace treaties specifically the lack of territorial gains. In addition too many the Fascists represented a means to stop the socialists and the communists, at the time many of the politicians were conservatives and in the eyes of conservative politicians, considered communism an evil force who them supported a moderate to full control form of Fascism.

Mussolini was seen as a great anti-socialist leader was backed by wealthy industrialists and landowners, which allowed him with the aid of the conservative politicians was able to gain power. The Fascist were able to get the support of the laity because the Fascists were supported by Pope Pius XI and the Vatican who saw the Fascists as an opportunity to normalize State-Church relationships. Lastly Fascism was able to take control because the people lacked faith in Italy's institutions this was apparent due to the failures of WWI, due to post-war violence, and a high unemployment rate. The people saw the fascist as a...