Comparison between the poems "Love" by George Hilbert and "Valentine" by Carol Ann Duffy

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I am going to talk about two different kinds of love: mature love and religious love. I will compare Love (III) by George Hilbert (religious) and Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy (mature) and show the contrasts and trends in both.

These two poems have distinct meanings, as one of them relates to religion and Jesus' love for us. It portrays the Last Supper, and the author attempts to create greater intimacy and identification between God and us by personifying it into a feeling which is common. Valentine is about a woman who has been hurt previously in love affairs and is giving her lover an onion for his valentine's gift, because with it you are able to associate images both with an onion and love. The themes are both about love, but in each case love is felt in a different way, and each has a particular message: the religious one is that God was prepared to die for us, simply so he could welcome us back in Heaven.

The mature love is more is more avid and also insecure; it is the kind humans feel towards their lovers. In both poems we see that love lasts a long time and 'love is blind.'

The tone in love (III) is of a man, unsure whether he is worthy of the love of God.

"I the unkind, ungratefull Ah my deare,

I cannot look on thee."

The narrator feels he has not shown sufficient appreciation towards the love God has entrusted in him. The tone changes immensely throughout the course of the poem. At the start of it, the narrator has a more repressed tone. In the second stanza, the narrator starts talking with 'God' and uses confession, guiltiness. In the final stanza, we can observe he has become more confident...